Metal carpentry

What are we talking about?

What is it?

Metal carpentry is the set of steel works intended for the construction of any metal construction job or project, with structural steel and not, which are used to create load-bearing structures in various areas.

They are finished metal products, which are made using machinery for cutting, bending, drilling and welding.
The combination of all these processes contributes to the creation of a product ready for use on construction sites.

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche is a company in the province of Avellino, which operates throughout Italy, offering a wide range of products that satisfy various sectors: construction, industrial, offices, civil, agricultural, sports and residences. private.

His thirty years of experience has led the company to a high quality standard, investing more and more in the development of innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions for the metal construction sector.

Carpenteria Metallica

The processes can be divided into two types:

The differences between heavy metal carpentry and light metal carpentry

The essential difference lies in the thickness of the sheets that are made during processing.
Obviously these are not the only two categories of metal constructions, which can actually be divided and considered as a set of micro-categories.

This category also includes sheet metal work and the construction of metal frames, as well as small artifacts for industry or the civil sector, as well as interior and exterior design elements, if made of metal.

Materials used

Metal carpentry often uses steel for its productions. This is an alloy of iron and carbon which, on the basis of the quantity of carbon present in the compound, is qualitatively classified.

Steel is very important because it is a light but very resistant alloy which, thanks to the use of noble metals such as nickel, chromium, copper and manganese, also acquires other chemical-physical specifications that make it perfect for structural carpentry.

Undoubtedly, iron remains the most used material. However, it must be emphasized that iron cannot be used in its pure form, but is always added with other elements and metals to improve its resistance and durability characteristics.

Iron is used for the construction of load-bearing structures in construction, in fact prefabricated buildings and industrial warehouses have, most of the time, an iron core, just as civil buildings are mostly made of reinforced concrete, that is a type of structure which uses iron as armor for the stability and resistance of the constructive load.

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Metallic Carpentry

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