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Icomet – Costruzioni metalliche

The ICOMET Costruzioni Metalliche S.r.l. it is a leader in the construction of metal structures and carpentries, industrial sheds, shelters, service and safety stairs, roofs of buildings, curtain walls, pylons and towers.
We have become a reference point in the sector thanks to the attention and care for the needs of our customers.
We give 360 ​​degree advice and our support is always at their service to design and create customized, effective and advantageous solutions.
Here are some of our creations divided by intervention categories.

Icomet Metallic Construction 2022 | Who we are

21 October 2022/by progetto

Structural Consolidation

5 October 2022/by progetto

Advantages in the installations of photovoltaic systems in 2022

30 April 2022/by progetto

Customization of the metal structures

1 April 2022/by progetto

Video Presentation 2022

19 February 2022/by progetto

Quality System certification renewal – 2022

4 February 2022/by progetto

Advantages of Industrial Metal Sheds

21 January 2022/by progetto

Seismic adaptation of existing structures

27 October 2021/by progetto

Industrial and Commercial Metallic Carpentry

14 October 2021/by progetto

Construction of warehouses and commercial buildings

29 September 2021/by progetto

How to build new logistics sheds

23 September 2021/by progetto

Industrial warehouse – Ospedaletto D’Alpinolo (AV)

7 May 2021/by progetto

Construction of a shelter in steel and polycarbonate

23 April 2021/by progetto

How is an industrial warehouse built?

17 February 2021/by progetto

Quality System Certification Renewal – 2021

4 February 2021/by progetto

Bridge of the Val Polcevera

23 December 2020/by progetto

Pedestrian crossing on the river Sabato – Atripalda (AV)

11 December 2020/by progetto

Metal carpentry for the rebirth of the former Mercatone of Avellino

4 December 2020/by progetto

Dry construction

26 November 2020/by progetto

Newsletter November 2020

20 November 2020/by progetto

Metal structures in sports facilities

16 November 2020/by progetto

Black Friday 2020 and Metallic Carpentry

5 November 2020/by progetto

Icomet Metallic Carpentry at 360 °

29 October 2020/by progetto

Video Assembling Bagging Machine | Cement plant

20 October 2020/by progetto

Industrial Roofing Remaking

26 September 2020/by progetto

Newsletter 12 August 2020

13 August 2020/by progetto

Connection Tunnel – Cement Costantinopoli

6 August 2020/by progetto

Metallic carpentry for agriculture

31 July 2020/by progetto

Newsletter 29 July 2020

29 July 2020/by progetto

Gazebo realization for Villa

22 July 2020/by progetto

Newsletter 15 July 2020

15 July 2020/by progetto

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Sustainability in metallic carpentry

8 July 2020/by progetto

Sustainability in metal carpentry

8 July 2020/by progetto

Metallic Carpentry: Mezzanines

26 June 2020/by progetto

Bagging machine for the Costantinopoli cement plant

18 June 2020/by progetto

New Project ICOMET for European Spallation Source (ESS) Lund – Sweden

9 June 2020/by progetto

Why rely on Metallic Constructions

21 May 2020/by progetto

Metallic carpentry increasingly used

15 May 2020/by progetto

Symbol of Italy that does not give up: The Genoa bridge

30 April 2020/by progetto

Types of welding

23 April 2020/by progetto

Welding from project to construction site

21 April 2020/by progetto


16 April 2020/by progetto

Seismically safe structures

14 April 2020/by progetto

We are there, we are with you!

31 March 2020/by progetto

Smart Working: Request a Quote and Stay with Us

24 March 2020/by progetto

Smart Working: Request a Quote and Stay with Us

24 March 2020/by progetto

New Upgrade of the Cutting Department

16 March 2020/by progetto

Zeta Theater of L’Aquila

10 March 2020/by progetto

Quality System maintenance audit 2019-20

3 March 2020/by progetto

Pipe Rack

24 February 2020/by progetto

Metal carpentry

20 February 2020/by progetto

Life Line

12 February 2020/by progetto

PVC sheds

11 February 2020/by progetto


28 January 2020/by progetto

Iron canopies

24 January 2020/by progetto

Winter Garden

21 January 2020/by progetto

Outdoor dehors

14 January 2020/by progetto

Metallic Structures – New Year New Ideas

7 January 2020/by progetto

Residential building

16 December 2019/by progetto


11 December 2019/by progetto

Seismic Adjustment and Structural Reinforcements

9 December 2019/by progetto

Metallic Coatings

3 December 2019/by progetto

Parapets and Fences

28 November 2019/by progetto

Black Week and Metallic Carpentry

26 November 2019/by progetto

Icomet and Metallic Carpentry

21 November 2019/by progetto

Outdoor dehors and how to personalize them

19 November 2019/by progetto

Fire at Ex Ilva

12 November 2019/by progetto

Industrial and Commercial Metallic Carpentry

7 November 2019/by progetto

Icomet and public places

31 October 2019/by progetto

Industrial sheds | Metal carpentry

29 October 2019/by progetto

The stainless steel

24 October 2019/by progetto

Video Montage at height | Reticular Suspended

24 October 2019/by progetto

Hot Dip Galvanizing – Characteristics and Costs

Hot dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing is an anticorrosive…
1 October 2019/by progetto

Suspended reticular structure

Reticular Suspended
.... nearing completion the construction…
24 September 2019/by progetto

Safety stairs

Emergency stairs or safety stairs are often…
2 July 2019/by progetto