Construction of warehouses and commercial buildings


Warehouses and commercial buildings

To build a commercial warehouse it certainly requires a practice with many parameters to consider, in order to achieve very high standards:

– habitability and comfort
– versatility of spaces
– management economics
– expandability and modularity
– usage features
– safety for workers and users
– preparation for possible adaptation to new regulatory requirements

To plan the construction of a shed in a quick, economical and as efficient way as possible, it is important to know that, depending on the intended use, you will have different needs.

Whether it is a warehouse, a materials shed or a production hall, an exhibition hall or a logistics shed, all should fulfill a specific purpose and do it in the most efficient and optimal way possible.

Depending on the type of shed to be built, various standards must be respected for construction, which in turn are directly related to the type of use.

For example, a logistics warehouse must have sufficient space to maneuver means of transport, while a retail warehouse must comply with special fire protection regulations due to its subsequent public traffic.

While the logistics warehouse requires the development of the logistics department and the technology for moving products into and out of the building, the large-scale retail warehouse is more than anything else: function, design and prestige.

The use of the building is therefore decisive for the construction of the shed from the very first design. This is accompanied, in a second phase, by the planned dimensions of the building, which largely depend on the final purpose of the construction itself.

The internal space of the shed

To avoid unpleasant future economic disadvantages it is important to consider in advance the amount of areas that will be needed, especially for the construction of a warehouse or a logistic shed and then ask what will be stored.

Depending on the goods produced or stored, the surface of a shed can be established precisely, above all it allows for cost control.

Internal flows and paths

Will there be a lot of self-transportation and a large flow of movements inside the shed? Will there be pallets with large goods or metal shelves?

These questions must absolutely be included in the initial planning of an efficient and optimal construction of the shed to optimize the spaces and paths inside without creating chaos. Therefore, establishing the amount of space required for the logistics processes inside the building must be taken at the beginning of the construction of the warehouse.

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The roof:

As different as the warehouses and the methods of use are, so are the options for the design of their roofs, or the roof absolutely not to be neglected in the design in one phase initial.

This should not only be dense and weather resistant, but also meet some design criteria at the same time. Especially the sales pavilions of large retailers, exhibition buildings or production halls can offer a lot of comfort by choosing the right roof with low noise and high thermal efficiency. And this benefits the atmosphere inside the entire building at the end of the day, for this reason, the design of the roof should play a decisive role in the construction of industrial buildings.

Another important factor in planning the construction of the halls is the type of floor . Especially when a shed is to serve as a warehouse or logistics shed, it must be clear in advance which shelves will be used.

The Shed Floor

Some racks, such as heavy-duty racks, require special anchoring in the floor. It is therefore advisable in any case to promptly adapt the thicknesses of the screed and the thicknesses of the concrete to the anchoring standards of the respective shelving. Also check if the construction site is in a seismic or subsidence area and what preventative measures you can take to protect your building.


Whether it is fire protection, occupational safety or regulations for hazardous substances, all of these must be taken into account in the construction of the halls.
What can happen if planning is inadequate and what huge financial losses can result from it has already been impressively demonstrated by many large projects in the past both in Italy and abroad. Such a thing does not have to happen and can be avoided with good planning.


Especially in times of renewable energy , it is advisable to pay special attention to the building materials used in the construction of buildings.

A modern energy system based on photovoltaic panels are a valid option, or galvanized steel against corrosion. The construction possibilities of the sheds are many, in fact take advantage of this opportunity and invest in a building whose sustainability can pay off in the long term.
Only thorough and proper planning in advance can ensure that you can keep up with current technologies and modernizations and ensure smooth work and excess expense.
Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche will visit you on site, assist you in planning and accompany the entire construction project through a team of experts.

The Icomet offices are at your disposal to examine requests and offer answers to every need.

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