Structural Consolidation


Consolidate existing structures

Structural steel reinforcement is an intervention on existing structures with the aim of reinforcing, consolidating and securing buildings that have suffered structural failures due to various natural causes including earthquakes, natural damage or that need an improvement in statics.

Structural consolidation, on the other hand, is an intervention which, through various techniques, allows buildings that have suffered seismic damage or structural failure, or which require static improvement, to be made safe and restored.

The techniques used are different and also exploit controlled demolition technology, for example perforations in the walls.
Among the structural consolidation techniques, there is the tie rod with the insertion of steel bars.


Structural steel reinforcement is the most versatile procedure as the elements can intervene, restoring the original capabilities of the masonry.

In structural reinforcement with steel elements we can include not only stitching bars, but also plates, cables, chains, double T beams, metal sheaths, metal cages, etc.

In some cases, it could excessively weigh down the structure, for this reason it is important that the intervention is planned by a technician who has the skills in the matter. Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche is the metallic carpentry that is right for you Yours, what damage stands out in this field with dedication and professionalism.

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