Advantages in the installations of photovoltaic systems in 2022


Never before has the installation of a photovoltaic system been advantageous for the community, both because it helps to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and because it helps reduce imports of energy from abroad, in this difficult period due to the war in Ukraine.

In addition to these very important aspects, there are other reasons why a photovoltaic system is advantageous.
Thanks to the 50% deduction combined with the exchange on the spot, the investment in a plant can pay for itself in about 4 years.

The latest generation photovoltaic panels guarantee a quality return for at least 30 years, so the sum invested can produce a cumulative return of at least five times the initial investment.

The 3 new features that increase the profit

Many users take advantage of the drop in the price of accumulations (photovoltaic storage batteries), which allow to conserve the energy produced and not consumed on the spot. Others have preferred to resort to optimizers, devices that increase the yield of the plant by up to 25%.

Finally, other users have combined photovoltaics with heat pumps, to produce free hot water, heating and summer air conditioning, thus saving both in monetary terms and reducing CO2.
The novelty of the Superbonus 110

With the superbonus it is possible to deduct no longer 50% but 110% of the expenditure made for energy efficiency works.
As with the 50% deduction, even in the case of the 110% deduction you have the option of transferring the tax credit to the banks.

The Superbonus for the photovoltaic system must be installed together with one of the so-called driving interventions , such as the thermal coat or a heat pump that replaces the “Traditional” boiler, and it is also necessary to improve the energy class of the building by two levels.

The bonus is still available for villas and single homes, provided that at least 30% of the work is completed by June 30, 2022. The 2022 budget law has extended the bonus 110 , has inserted a deadline for single-family villas and houses as at 31 December 2022, always and when 30 June 2022 is reached % of jobs.

With the Superbonus you lose the possibility of exchange on site , giving up the remuneration of the energy you put into the network.
For this it is usually worth taking a good storage system, which still falls within the 110% bonus.

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Invest now or wait longer

There are two ways to gain economic advantage from a plant: by saving on the bill and with the proceeds from the automatic sale of energy, through on-site exchange.

On average the gain amounts to about 80-100 euros per month, so waiting another year before installing the photovoltaic means a missed economic benefit of about 1,000 euros.

Most likely it is not worth waiting any longer, also because in January 2023 the protected rates for families will be abolished, with the risk of seeing a further increase in bills for those who do not have photovoltaics, without forgetting that the war in Ukraine forced the state to supply itself with energy elsewhere and this will inevitably affect the consumption in the bill.

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