The Metallic Structure Finishes


With the advent of new technologies, metal structures have taken a big step forward, especially in the finishing process .
Depending on the needs, the metal structures can be painted or hot-dip galvanized, in order to ensure excellent protection against atmospheric agents (or external agents in general), to secure one or to achieve a particular optical effect.

The innovations in the metal carpentry sector have made it possible to carry out modern processing on the joints which, depending on the case, can be bolted or welded.

Furthermore, with the introduction of 3D printers , special machines that are also able to work metal, thus allowing you to create a project remotely accurate and then later print it.

These operations cannot yet be carried out in all areas of carpentry, but on the other hand they manage to pave the way for new works, making substantial changes.

Metal carpentry has always been driving Italian industry and, all these innovations, do nothing but further affirm it.

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