Carpenteria metallica e strutture in acciaio nelle Costruzioni Metalliche

La Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche designs and manufactures steel and metal structures

in the civilian home, industrial, agricultural, energy and sports fields, where, thanks to the modularity and versatility of its structures, it realizes customized projects, in relation to the specific needs of customers


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Our certifications

Heavy or light metal carpentry! Why choose us?



Steel meets the most stringent construction requirements for construction in a seismic area. The steel structures guarantee the possibility of absorbing seismic energy, using the high plastic reserves typical of the material, through the use of much less expensive construction details.



The constant effort aimed at improving the product, combined with the continuous search for technological innovations, guarantee Icomet’s metal carpentry production with high quality standards and great reliability.



The construction systems of Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche are integrated, from time to time, within different realities one from the other. In close contact with the client, the best solution is studied for the productivity, savings and business improvements of the client.



A mix of elements that makes our company a reliable partner at 360 degrees in the realization of complex works with the guarantee of the highest quality of services offered.

Realization and production processes

Design Office

After the purchase of the order by the commercial office, the management and its engineering is carried out by the technical office which also coordinates all the subsequent processing phases up to the moment of delivery to the client.

Cutting Department

The cutting department is structured with three cutting lines in parallel with as many numerically controlled operating machines, served by a bridge crane.

Drilling Department

In the department there is an automatic three-axis numerical control line for punching plates that can be programmed remotely, column drills, a Sermacc-type drill for the processing of all merchant laminates and various equipment for tracing and complementary processes. The whole department is served by a bridge crane.