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Winter gardens and Verandas

The veranda or the modern winter garden or, more recently, the technological bioclimatic pergola will take advantage of the outdoor spaces of the house all year round.
It is a glazed space, leaning against the main house, conceived and designed together with the building or built at a later time.

The supporting structure can be made of metal, usually aluminum, steel, iron, or PVC or, more rarely, wood. The fixed panels and sliding doors in double glazing with high thermal and acoustic insulation power guarantee comfort during the coldest months, but also in summer.

The choice of the structure is varied, and ranges from the veranda with ‘all glass’ walls and the flat roof in the manner of the glasshouse of rationalist architects (more suitable for a modern living environment, perhaps with a fireplace and reading area) or in a more classic style. . For the contemporary home, the ideal solution is the modern multi-tech pergola: convivial, because it is equipped with all comforts, including music.

In the case of the pergola, the focus is on the roof, characterized by special sunshade blades that, by rotating, allow you to modulate the intensity of light and the natural recirculation of air. These optimize ventilation and lighting, heating and air conditioning. In case of rain, then, the blades close hermetically, allowing the rainwater to flow into the perimeter gutters and the downspouts integrated into the metal support structures.

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Giardino d'Inverno

Giardino d'InvernoGiardino d'Inverno

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