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Shed in metal carpentry with coverings

Shed in metal carpentry with sandwich panel coverings for double-pitch roofing (with full-pitch honeycomb polycarbonate inserts for skylights) and for partial closure of the casing.

The intervention involved the production and assembly of an industrial building intended for the collection and scrapping of motor vehicles.

The building consists of a prefabricated metal structure with a hot-dip galvanized finish with a rectangular plan, measuring approximately 50 x 20 meters and a height of 10.60 meters at the top, with an internal mezzanine for office use measuring approximately 10 x 5 meters, which is accessed via a single flight staircase in metal carpentry with steps in electroforged grating.

The load-bearing structure of the casing is made up of 9 single-span portals of 20.00 m span, with trusses and columns placed at 6.25 m intervals, with HEA full profile columns fixed on a special foundation substructure in AC .

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The trusses are in full IPE profiles with rods and diagonals in UPN profile, while the roofing purlins are in full IPE profile. For the purpose of resistance to dynamic actions, special UPN full profile wall braces were positioned in the two central spans.

The intervention is completed by the double pitch roof in corrugated sendwich panels with inserts in translucent polycarbonate panels for internal natural lighting, and the wall cladding in sendwich panels, in two different colours, created on four of the eight project spans, including a perimeter veil that hides the roof from view, as well as the installation of industrial doors and aluminum and glass frames for the offices.

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