How to build new logistics sheds


How to build new logistics sheds

The logistics real estate market is lively and dynamic. After the growth of the sector due to the increase in online orders and the development of e-commerce, logistics companies need new warehouses and sheds. Often the sales do not concern already existing buildings, but land on which new logistics sheds will be built.

But what are the criteria and characteristics with which they are made?

Customized logistics sheds

There is no single way to create new logistics sheds, each logistics hub is different from the others because the needs and requests of each company are different. Before proceeding with construction, it is necessary to define its specific intended use, type and important characteristics.

For example, it is essential to agree on the useful height of the building, which varies depending on whether it is a warehouse for the storage of goods or a shed from which the vehicles for last-mile delivery depart.

Particularly important will be the definition of the external space used as a loading / unloading area, evaluating the maneuvering capacity of heavy vehicles.

The dimensions

The bigger the better! The height of the shed will determine how many shelves can be made. If you then think that, due to Covid, it is necessary to ensure social distancing between the operators who work within the warehouse, it is clear that large logistics sheds will be more attractive than smaller ones.

On the contrary, if the shed is used for deliveries, it will be located closer to the built-up areas and therefore the size will necessarily have to be reduced. In any case, each square meter has value and must be exploited to its full potential.

Logistic properties in a strategic position
We have already introduced it in the previous point, but it must be reiterated. The choice of the location of the logistics area is fundamental for the growth of your business and the daily management of the flow of goods.

The new logistics sheds are preferably located in areas well served by road infrastructures: ring roads, motorways, toll booths. It is also essential to calculate the distance from the nearest city and from the one of greatest interest to the activity.

Logistics properties are often strategically located near ports and airports. If a logistics company transports goods overseas, this is the preferable solution.

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Warehouses for logistics and technology

Managing the flow of goods without the help of technology is today unthinkable. When building a new warehouse, it must always be taken into account that the costs must also include management and automation systems that are part of the so-called “Logistics 4.0”.

Automated warehouses are increasingly widespread today, able to reduce the margins of error and ensure correct management of the supply chain. This is why, when building new logistics properties, it will also be necessary to take this aspect into account and prepare the new property for increasing automation of internal operations.

Attention to sustainability

Last but not least, is the growing sensitivity of companies towards environmental sustainability. The first step is to reduce the polluting emissions of your fleet, but also the choice of the warehouse can make a significant difference. There are state-of-the-art logistics systems capable of transforming the new logistics sheds into eco-green structures with a low environmental impact.

For example, the installation of photovoltaic modules; windows that reduce heat dispersion; rainwater collection and recycling; modern sprinkler systems; low consumption lights and large windows to make the most of sunlight.

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