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Metallic Coatings for Industrial Buildings

The Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche leader in the metal carpentry sector, proposes after years of experience in the sector an interesting development of the design intended for the cladding of metal facades, especially for those that have to obey particular aesthetic requirements.
A first phase of study concerns the material to be used, especially for ventilated facades, the type of processing, installation and therefore the desired visual effect.

The materials used for a facade must have some recurring properties such as: creative flexibility, durability , resistance to UV rays, rain and adverse weather conditions, fire resistance certified, easy maintenance, repairability and reliable structural performance.

Metal coatings

Among the most commonly used metal coatings for facades are: steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, etc. in panels, canvases and fabrics, stretched nets and shingles.

The type of application can be of different types:

Continuous metal laminates for facades

Aluminum claddings used to create rear ventilated curtain walls that save on maintenance, and copper claddings, with copper sheets for cladding roofs and facades, with a particular patinated green finish, which satisfy functional and aesthetic requirements.

Insulated metal panels for facades

A modular system designed to offer the designer maximum freedom of expression and, at the same time, to considerably reduce construction time. Another example is the curtain wall system of the building with prefabricated structural cells that surrounds the building with a metal casing with an insulated integral coat and with multiple differentiated cavities that mechanically excludes water, air and wind.

Metallic fabrics and metallic fabrics for facades

A dynamic and modular cladding, ideal for individual construction projects. This typology consists in the realization of groups of ropes arranged in warp and round wires in particularly flexible and resistant weft which allows to obtain greater or lesser transparency according to the diameter of the wires used and the distance between them. Among the metal fabric coverings , we find the one characterized by a free weft weave, which creates, with its irregular transparency, an infinite range of metallic reflections, guaranteeing an excellent scenographic effect and a remarkable richness chromatic in every environment.

Stretched meshes for facade coverings

The sheet in aluminum and stainless steel, framed or not, ideal for customizing any facade or surface, even large, both vertical and horizontal, with multiple application possibilities and aesthetic results.

Facade panels in composite materials

The composite panels are organized according to a sandwich structure : two thin external sheets bonded to a thicker central layer made of synthetic material. Generally, these panels can be made of aluminum or zinc on the outside and low-density polyethylene on the inside.
They have the typical advantages of composite materials: absence of acoustic resonances , lower consumption of noble alloy and lightness .

Metal shingles for facades

Typology composed of panels hooked together and placed on a wooden support.

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