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For the past 30 years, Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche has been designing and building structures and components in heavy metal carpentry according to the different needs required by the industrial and civil sector, according to EU standards and directives and in compliance with particular customer needs.

The experience gained over the years and the long presence on the market has allowed it to become a leader in the sector, thanks also to the professionalism of the staff and the use of cutting-edge technologies and machinery.

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche boasts a rich and vast portfolio of project projects carried out for its customers.

Among the many achievements we remember: the factories, the Industrial sheds and the Manufactured , the Security stairs and the Catwalks , the Covers and the Iron Canopies, PVC Tunnels, the Mezzanines and the Metallic cladding of facades, up to the interventions of Seismic adjustments and structural reinforcement, as well as, artifacts for urban furniture and for the commercial and residential sector with Dehors and Gazebos , etc …

For the metal structures that concern the industry we also remember the Pipe-racks , the Bagging machines, the Stairs to the Marinara,  the Service gangways and the Connection Tunnel, etc… In short, Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche manages to cover all that concerns metal carpentry at 360 ° and the countless achievements and works carried out over the years bear witness!

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