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Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche , a leading company in metal carpentry , offers a vast product catalog. Among those who are part of it today we talk about the realization of:

Building for residential use

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche creates structures for residential buildings in which practicality and speed of construction become a further strength. Use of innovative dry systems for safe, efficient, eco-sustainable constructions.
Having chosen metal carpentry for this construction has enormous exceptional anti-seismic advantages, far superior to those that can be found in other types of constructions. Homes that use steel structures are able to absorb seismic energy, which is dissipated, safeguarding both people’s lives and the integrity of the building.

In Italy, buildings made of metal carpentry, currently mainly used for production and trade, have not suffered structural damage following recent earthquakes that hit Italy. The efficiency of metal construction in the face of earthquakes lies in its very high ductility which, added to a construction process that involves prefabrication and dry connection, leads to the construction of lightweight structures subjected to more contained seismic actions. Secondly, steel is a high quality material and allows short delivery times, thus reducing investment costs. In fact, construction times are cut by 50-60% making it possible to assemble the structure very easily.

The method by which steel houses are built also contributes to improving microclimatic living comfort, thanks to its thermal and acoustic insulation, lowering the costs of electricity and gas for heating the rooms, ensuring greater energy efficiency and making the construction of Class A. The risk of fire also decreases since the structures made of dry steel have a higher passive resistance to fire than other industrialized construction systems that use different building materials. The built building consists of 3 levels above ground: the ground floor and the first level. The building has a practicable flat roof on the first floor, while a pitched roof was built for the part of the building that rises from the first level. The load-bearing structure of the building is internally formed by longitudinal and transverse frames consisting of pillars and beams in metal profiles. The vertical structural elements transfer the loads to the ground by means of a direct foundation with a ribbed bed in reinforced concrete.

Strengthened by experience and completed projects, Icomet is your ideal partner for all the multiple needs that see steel and metal carpentry as the protagonist, whether it is a home or an industrial building , operating in compliance with all relevant regulations.

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