Welding from project to construction site



Graphic indications of welds in design drawings are not always clear. Different interpretations of a design indication can lead to a final execution not in keeping with the original idea of ​​the designer.

In fact, to arrive at a finished work, the project passes:

  • from the designer
  • to the metal builder / firm
  • To the verification and control of the construction manager and to the implementation

Given that there is no “mandatory” legislation, these sheets provide indications that allow you to express yourself in a common language, which will help a univocal representation of the welded joints and the optimization of the results.


The standard that establishes the rules to be applied for the schematic representation on the drawings of welded joints is UNI EN ISO 2553: 2014 .

The legislation itself accepts that the joints can be represented by applying the general recommendations of the technical drawings, however, in turn, it recommends the adoption of the schematic representation, which contains all the information necessary to understand the type of welds to be performed. .

1. The schematic representation must clearly provide all the information necessary to identify the joint to be performed, without overloading the drawing with additional notes or views

2. The schematic representation includes an elementary graphic sign, which can be completed by:
– an additional graphic sign;
– a dimensioning method;
– some other indications (in particular for construction drawings).

Of course, the welding issue is much more complex, it deserves to be explored in a more specific article that we will publish in the next News.


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