Dry construction


Dry construction is based on prefabrication . The yard becomes the site where to compose and assemble, in the shortest possible time and according to prefigured and simplified methods, highly competitive components, pre-assembled machined in the workshop where controls, tests and standards of quality and absolute reliability are guaranteed.

This realization has several advantages:

allows you to have a forecast on the times and costs of the production and assembly project;

allows to obtain significant performance results thanks to the possibility of using materials for thermal and acoustic insulation with consequent energy savings and energy efficiency; thanks to its production and installation characteristics, materials for thermal and acoustic insulation can be combined and therefore advantageous from the point of view of energy saving;

it allows a reduced environmental impact both during the construction phases and at the end of the useful life of the structure. , thanks to the high recycling rate of the individual elements, mechanically assembled and not wet.

The principles of the design and construction of constructions using dry systems must take into account the ease of handling in the factory and on site and the junction of the different parts making up each single prefabricated element; of the assembly of components, with manageable and easy-to-join products. The search for flexibility and reversibility of the components is also fundamental, in order to be able to have a finished product that guarantees that it can be reused, recycled or easily disposed of at the end of the useful cycle, with a consequent reduction in the necessary raw materials. in order to allow a reduced use of raw materials for production.

The two types that distinguish dry design are:

– Metal structures in heavy carpentry or with thin cold-formed profiles (CFS), entirely made dry, without casting on site.

– Metal structures in heavy carpentry, with curtain walls and dry roofing and floors made with different prefabricated elements.

Among the main elements that characterize a structure, especially when it is done dry, we find:

– Bearing structure
– Enclosure and insulation systems
– Internal partition systems

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