New Upgrade of the Cutting Department



With the commissioning of the new HYD-MECH S23A band saw, thanks to the ability to cut large profiles processed directly in the factory, we have significantly increased company productivity and reduced production costs.

The S-23A is an automatic scissor band saw that offers exceptional miter cutting capability for a variety of applications, with the following key features:

Automatic horizontal rotation band.

A 2 HP hydraulic pump supplies pressure to the system through 3-position directional valves that control all vising, head up / down and shuttle movements. Its automatic cycle is controlled by a sequencer that allows the operator to enter the desired length and number of pieces.

Its standard PLC control allows the storage of 100 jobs with the possibility of running 20 in queue.

The S-23A has a cutting capacity from 90 ° to 30 ° with height profiles from a minimum of 205 mm (8.5 “) to a maximum of 505 mm (20”), 8.8 HP motor and blade 1 1/4 “- solid construction that ensures maximum productivity.

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