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Industrial sheds

Industrial sheds, or metal sheds, created above all to meet the production needs of companies, are structures with particular building, structural and technical characteristics.
These structures are very flexible, in such a way as to combine work needs with those of representation (for which an aesthetic value is also required).

The characteristics of industrial buildings

An industrial warehouse is generally a single-storey building, equipped with a mezzanine for office use.

They are generally made with a prefabricated structure with reinforced concrete beams and pillars (c.a.p.) and walls and roofs in prefabricated panels,

or, with load-bearing frame in metal carpentry (steel) and with walls and roof in insulated panels.

The large space that is distributed mainly horizontally is used for the production process while the marginal surfaces are used for service areas such as offices, laboratories etc.

The supporting roof structures must ensure roofs with large spans and often include the insertion of skylights to let natural light filter through.

In the classification of the land registry, industrial properties are divided, in relation to the intended use, into various categories such as: warehouse (C2); craft workshop (C3); factory (D1); buildings constructed or adapted for the special needs of an industrial activity and not susceptible of different use without radical transformations (D7); buildings for productive functions connected to agricultural activities (D10).

Each cadastral type corresponds to a production activity with different building characteristics capable of responding in an increasingly adequate way to the needs of the company.

Industrial sheds:

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche realizes industrial buildings which, unlike those prefabricated in c.a.p., allow a drastic reduction in construction time and manpower,

moreover, the lightness of the steel allows significant reductions in the weight of the structures and consequently of the reinforced concrete foundation works.

Among the structural systems in metal carpentry there are the PVC SHEDS which can be fixed and retractable in hot galvanized steel, with PVC sheet covering, in sandwich panels and sheet metal.

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