Metallic structures for public places

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Gazebos, Dehors and Pergolas

To have a solid structure designed on the needs of each room, a gazebo is the solution that allows you to adapt to any situation. Side closures in glass or pvc, openable or fixed roofs, heating, lighting and every detail is designed for maximum customer satisfaction. The gazebo can have very different configurations and sizes, especially for professional use, an accurate design is essential that takes into account every need and even every little technical detail is carefully evaluated.
The gazebos are suitable for even large pavilions that can be used in any season for weddings and parties, according to every need they are designed to adapt perfectly to classic and modern environments. The outdoor areas are nothing more than the set of mobile elements placed on public or private land that constitute, delimit and furnish the space for outdoor consumption. The peculiarity of the outdoor area is that it cannot be fixed to the ground, otherwise you would need permission to build! To be clearer, it is a closed gazebo, made of durable materials. Usually, it is attached to a food and drink administration business and can also be requested by other commercial activities, for example for advertising purposes.

Internal Stairs

The staircase, in addition to being a functional element of the building, has always represented a distinctive and representative motif, both in the residential and commercial sectors.

The staircase in a house as in a company headquarters has always been a reason to highlight one’s style, to the point of becoming a beautiful design object to be exhibited. Creativity, quality and innovation are factors that distinguish the stairs of numerous architectural buildings of our times.

In the renovation of a house, the design of the internal staircase plays a very important role. Custom staircases have become a feature of the ultra-modern interiors, of the most daring engineering and skillful construction that bring functionality to express itself with beauty by joining it. Interior stairs can serve as interactive sculptures or as beloved pieces of furniture in their own right.

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche S.r.l. realizes custom-made staircases, based on the customer’s project and in the absence of a project, puts you in contact with a trusted architect who will direct you to the solution and type that best suits your needs.

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche Srl – Metallic Carpentry – Builders of Ideas.

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