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PVC sheds and PVC tunnel

In the industry and logistics sector, having covered spaces for activities is a fundamental requirement. Production departments, warehouses, loading / unloading areas need protection and adequate coverage, but often the costs and too long construction times make companies desist from increasing the repaired area.

The solution adopted by many companies is to invest in an innovation that can bring significant benefits in terms of space savings, low costs and versatility in use which can be of different nature.

In fact, these are sheds for any activity, PVC sheds for agriculture, PVC tunnels, tarpaulin sheds or sheds for tool sheds. They are mobile sheds, because they are easy to disassemble and really movable (sliding or reclosable).

Let’s see what are the construction features and the advantages they can bring to companies.

For a company, investing in PVC tunnels, for example, with a steel structure means choosing versatile and flexible structures. Their design allows them to move or close, freeing up the covered space when shelter is not needed.

In addition, they are suitable for various types of uses: a mobile warehouse, a temporary work department, a covered area for unloading goods, a temporary shelter for machinery and so on.

Furthermore, each PVC structure can be customized according to the customer’s needs, unlike prefabricated sheds. The customer can also make tarpaulin covers of various sizes, allowing you to really repair and optimize any business area.

From the installation of a shed in the middle of a square, to the connecting tunnels between existing buildings, to canopies for the spaces between the shed and the fence, the possibilities for applying industrial PVC roofing are very many.

It is also possible to install ad hoc side closures, pedestrian and roller shutter doors, ventilation slots, as well as an aesthetic arrangement that suits your company (color of the fabric, front panels, logos and more).

Installation times are also fast and without major building works.
Finally, the price. Since these are mobile steel and PVC warehouses, the initial investment costs are lower than other roofing alternatives.

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