How is an industrial warehouse built?


Industrial warehouses are structures with specific building, structural and technical characteristics and are mainly created to meet the production needs of companies.

Industrial buildings

An industrial warehouse is a single-storey building, with large free spaces that allow you to easily distribute the sequence of any production process (with conformation in line or by sections), generally also equipped with a mezzanine floor for offices for about 15-20 % of the total area.

The construction type of these buildings can be of the prefabricated type with reinforced concrete beams and pillars and side closures in prefabricated panels, or with a steel supporting structure with roofing and walls in sandwich panels.

The type of steel with the same covered surface generally allows greater advantages both for less demanding foundation structures and for the timing of assembly.

The construction type of the industrial building allows a functional optimization of the interior spaces, easily adaptable to any production process with variations in the internal layout based on the production needs of the moment.

In any case, the characteristics of industrial buildings are linked to the cadastral categories to which they belong. In the classification of the land registry, in relation to the intended use, they are divided into various categories such as:

– warehouse (C2)
– artisan workshop (C3)
– factory (D1)
– buildings built or adapted for the special needs of an industrial activity (D7)
– buildings for production functions related to agricultural activities (D10)

Each cadastral type corresponds to a production activity with different building characteristics capable of responding in an increasingly adequate way to the needs of the company.

Main phases of the construction of an industrial warehouse

The technical design

The design phase, generally entrusted to the technicians appointed by the client, involves the study and development of the technical solution most suited to the production needs of the applicant, as well as obtaining various permits and authorizations.

Beginning of the works: the construction site

The works begin with the construction of the foundation works: tracing, excavation of the ground, preparation of the reinforcements (with the installation of templates and anchor bolts for subsequent anchoring of the supporting steel columns to dry the concrete), casting of the reinforced concrete foundation and backfill.

In the meantime we proceed simultaneously with the production of the metal structure in the workshop:

– fabrication of metal structural work components (cuts, perforations, welds – with dimensional and welding checks based on the execution class of the order);

– surface chemical treatments (galvanizing and / or painting) for protection from atmospheric agents;

– pre-assembly of the structure (which, depending on the size of the components, can take place in the workshop or on site before launching).

Work progress

The metal structure, produced and pre-assembled, is transported to the construction site where we proceed with the assembly of columns, connecting beams, bracing, trusses and purlins, and then carry out the assembly of the insulated metal panels for the roof covering and the cladding of the walls. .

The industrial warehouse, based on specific productivity needs and project forecasts, will be completed with:

– industrial doors, windows and / or doors;

or, previously also equipped with additional components such as:

– metal mezzanines (for offices or warehouses)
– internal, external, safety metal stairs (for the conveyance of ordinary movements or in case of emergency)
– seafaring stairs (for safe access to the roof)
– metal shelters (for vehicle shelter and / or goods storage)
– pipe rack (for connecting production lines between different departments / sheds)

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Advantages of a Steel Shed

As already mentioned in the introduction, the first advantage is given by the lower weight of the metal structures which, with the same covered surface, affect the bottom level more lightly and therefore require more contained foundation structures than those of prefabricated sheds in reinforced concrete. Added to this is the speed of processing of the prefabricated steel elements.

While the foundations of the building are laid on the construction site, the metal structure is built in the workshop; structure which, once treated with galvanization and / or painting, is transported to the construction site and assembled with a quick and practical assembly.

But the advantages of steel constructions go beyond the timing of construction and assembly:
To the aforementioned advantages we can still add:

eco-sustainability – steel products have a reduced environmental impact both in the construction phase and at the “end of life”, in fact they are 100% recyclable (steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties), they do not produce waste on site and also allow the reuse of components as they are assembled with bolts;

seismic resistance – the lightness and ductility of steel allow the structures to resist much better to seismic events than constructions in reinforced concrete less ductile and more rigid.

Lightness, strength, eco-sustainability and flexibility in design make it a leader on the Italian industrial construction market, at truly competitive prices compared to other construction technologies.

For 30 years, Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche S.r.l. manufactures warehouses and metal constructions in the industrial sector and places as a guarantee for all its metal structures:

– thirty years of experience
– ISO 9001 certified quality
– factory production control according to EN 1090
– CE marking
– welding process according to ISO 3834

Icomet Costruzioni Metalliche S.r.l. manufactures metal carpentry structures, industrial warehouses, factories, fire and safety stairs, dehors and custom-made gazebos.

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